How do I book an appointment?

Either your GP refer you or you can contact us directly by phone or email or the online booking form on our website.

What is the process once I have been referred?

You will receive a phone call. A registration form will be completed over the phone or sent to you by email. A date and time for consultation will be made to suit both the urgency of your condition and your preference.

When can I see my surgeon?

The earliest available appointment time/date will be offered to you. Urgent appointments and after hours or Saturday appointments can be scheduled as well depending on the urgency of your condition.

Where can I see my surgeon for consultation?

You have a choice of 3 places where you can be seen so you can choose a location near you:

Henderson Medical Centre
New Lynn Health
Northcare Accident and Medical

Where will I have my surgery?

Your surgery can be either at Ormiston Hospital or Southern Cross Wairau. Some small proceedures can be done in clinic and your surgeon will advise you if this is possible.

What is the process for surgery?

It is rarely possible to do your surgery or proceedure on your first visit. The nature of your condition is assessed at the first visit. A quote is then given to you by email for submission to your insurance company. Once pre-approval is obtained, a date for surgery is scheduled. Sometimes a date for surgery can be pencilled in while we await pre-approval. The time for pre-approval varies between insurance companies.